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What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are the cloudy areas in the lens of the eye that can cause fuzzy or cloudy vision or sensitivity to glare.

What causes Cataracts?

Most Cataracts are the normal outcome of the ageing process (senile cataract). However in some cases they can be attributed to injury to the eye, diabetes or hereditary factors.

When to see the Doctor?

Not all cataracts impair vision or affect daily living. For those that do, common symptoms include:

  1. Cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, or filmy vision.
  2. Glare from lamps or the sun, which may be severe.
  3. Difficulty driving at night due to glare from headlights.
  4. Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription.
  5. Double vision.
  6. Fading colors.
  7. Difficulty performing daily activities because of vision problems.

Parents need to watch for signs of cataracts in infants and children.

How is it treated?

Surgery is the only effective way of treating vision loss due to Cataracts. No dietary supplements, medications, exercises or optical devices have been proven to prevent or cure cataract. However, if the symptoms of cataract are mild, a change of spectacle prescription is all that is needed.

When should surgery be done?

Surgery should be considered when the cataract causes visual disturbance enough to interfere with daily activities. Based on these needs and the examination findings, the patient and the ophthalmic surgeon should decide together when surgery is appropriate.
In India there is a common misconception that cataract's should only be operated when "mature". This may actually lead to complications. Cataracts need not to be mature ('ripe') before removal. Today’s cataract surgery has the means to remove an immature cataract and a mature ('ripe') cataract.

How does the Cataract Surgery work?

Cataract surgery is a microscopic surgery usually performed under local anaesthesia. The cloudy lens is removed leaving its capsule behind, within which a permanent intraocular lens is implanted. The refractive power of the implanted lens is calculated so that there is a minimal need for post-operative spectacle prescription. However, glasses will be required for near work.
After cataract surgery, one may return almost immediately to all but the most strenuous activities. Medication must be administered as per the instructions of the surgeon. Your surgeon will tell you when you may return to work.
Conventional cataract surgery, which involves removal of the lens in one piece, results in an incision size of 10-12 mm and closure of this large incision with multiple stitches. This has been replaced with the modern technique of cataract removal [phacoemulsification].

Know more about Phacoemulsification surgery at envision:

envision employs the Phacoemulsification method or Phaco for short which is the latest advance in Cataract Removal. A small ultrasound probe is inserted into the eye through a cut of 2.8mm or smaller. This probe breaks (emulsifies) the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and gently sucks them out. The surgeon then implants the replacement lens through this cut. The incisions are self-sealing and need no stitches. We will help you decide as to which lens should suit you best.

What are the benefits of Phacoemulsification surgery at envision?

The big benefit of the smaller incision [resulting in faster healing and visual rehabilitation], the surgical time is reduced, and no stitches are required. There is minimal or no post-operative discomfort and a quick return to your normal routine.
This procedure is pain free, no injections are required, no stitches and also no anesthesia is injected inside the eye. The anesthesia is in the form of eye drops as this process does not take more than 15 minutes.
There stands a greater risk of not doing cataract surgery in a timely manner as the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to treat the cataract easily and the eye poses a chance of surgical complications.

It is completely normal to be anxious about surgery. We recommend you to schedule a meeting with the surgeon and get all your questions answered and apprehensions cleared.